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Forum posts with in-line images

I've posted three topics that have in-line images. None of these topics have appeared in the forum. I assume that in-line images (not attachments) must pass some kind of manual or automated moderation system. But two of my posts are now over 24 hours old. If there is a moderator monitoring this forum, please give us an explanation of how posts are moderated, and what the problem is with in-line images.

  • Sorry to get you excited that there is a response.

    Excellent idea to have a Do's and Don'ts pinned at the top of the discussion

  • Hey guys thank you for joining us here as we value any and all feedback.  The reason no one has been responding is because we did not realize the forums were open at this time. We previously had thought we locked the forums and were only going to do support through our ticket system until LIVE launch. 

    Our mistake, but we plan on keeping the forums open and will be catching up with your questions as soon as possible.


  • I am looking into the in-line images. Keep you posted!

  • You are busy!

    And we snipe in the backgorund. Isn't that what the internet is for?

  • Oz, thanks for looking into this. Can you retrieve my three previous posts that used in-line images, but didn't appear on the forum? One of them was a reply, the other two were new topics.

  • Okay, I see that my reply to Whenever I Try to Save... has appeared, but the two new topics are missing.

  • Rob, I am releasing these topics as we have time to reply. I do not have all the answers and unfortunately the engineering team is currently fixing the reported issues as they come.  

    Any topics that remain unanswered will get an answer as soon as we can.

    Thank you for your feedback and patience!

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