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Unable to verify credentials

I decided to try out the product today.  Got it downloaded but it would not let me start it up.  It would not accept my e-mail/pw and there was no option for me to reset my credentials.

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  • As a follow up, I am now able to log-in and start the program.  I guess I just had to wait 12 hours?

  • I have received a similar error today. I used the BETA before the Christmas break, and today it won't let me log in. It gives the error "Your trial can only be used on the machine it was activated on." But I'm using the same machine that I activated it on, so the error is erroneous.

  • I had the same credential issue. I was able to make it work when I realized I had set up two different passwords, one when I downloaded the beta, the other when I set up my account. I just tried the other password and it let me finally sign in and start using the beta. 

  • Update: I chatted with customer support, and they were able to authorize my computer within a week, so now I am able to log in again. Thank you.

  • can not log in vitruvius Aqua appia error. fix it it now. you guys are joke. shame on you. 

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