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The Vitruvius Experience

What exactly do we mean when we say The Vitruvius Experience?

Well, over the past two years we’ve built a company and platform by engineers to bring intuitive software to the Structural Engineering & Architectural Design software market with stringent quality assurance for the end user experience. The forethought of Nate, Jon, and I's idea, was to design, build, and deliver a faster and easier workflow for your everyday project tasks, but even more importantly, deliver a more reliable program than anything used and available in the market today.

We wanted to put all the tools needed for residential engineering and light commercial design into a single package that anyone could afford. Even the most advanced design scenarios are possible and coming soon, without the need for large capital investments by end users. All versions of our platform include full calculations done with a new engine our engineers built from the ground up.

The Vitruvius Experience is more than the advanced engineering capabilities in the platform though, the experience is how easy we've made it to complete designs through our Design Modules. We've built an interactive GUI that makes design much more efficient than any platform we've ever used in our professional design experiences.

We can't wait to show you more in the coming weeks as we build up to the launch of the beta platform. We will begin releasing small batches in a closed beta in August and plan on being in open beta this September.

Thank you for all the support and interest. We are amazed at the response we've gotten to date.

Adam Wilson

Vitruvius Engineer

Adam is the author of this solution article.

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