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Minimize / Maximize / Resize

11-21-18 Just downloaded Base1 and wanted to move program interface to second screen. Clicked the Resize button to move workspace. Moved to second screen and Resize is no longer available. Only minimize.

Workspace cannot be Maximized on second screen.

Workspace will not deafult to second screen as StruCalc did.

Shut down and opened again: Resize button not available.

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  • My dual screen setup exhibits the following issues:

    1. When I maximize on either screen, the program window obscures the Windows Taskbar and makes the Taskbar unavailable.

    2. When maximized, the program cannot be moved from one screen to the other - the window must be minimized first.

    3. When the  minimized program window is moved from the main screen to the second screen, maximized and then minimized, the program magically disappears from the second screen and reappears on the main screen.

    4. Whenever I move the program window around on a screen there is a very disconcerting redraw of the window contents.

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  • We realize that dual screen use is an issue.  We are working to fix screen sizing issues and the movement of the application. Thank you for your patience during BETA!

  • Gotcha. Thanks for the update.

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