Session Management: All Licenses Are Being Used

Modified on Thu, 10 Mar 2022 at 02:41 PM

The message "All of your Vitruvius licenses are currently being used on other machines." is displayed if you or your company does not have any more licenses/sessions available for use.  The number of concurrently open sessions can only be equal to the number of licenses purchased.

The "View Open Sessions" panel gives you the ability to end a session that is blocking you from logging in. Click the red "X" icon in the Delete column in order to remove a locked session.  Once the number of concurrently opened sessions is less than the number of licenses you or your company owns you will then be able to log in.

Session Administration

Administrators have the ability to end/delete sessions from within the application.  The "User Sessions" panel can be reached by opening the "Account" popup window. This panel allows account administrators to end/delete sessions for any sub-users within the account.  

When a session is ended/deleted and the user is still using the application they will receive a popup explaining that their session has been ended.  They will then be prompted to save all unsaved work and the application will close.

Why was my session locked?

The issue may be that the application was left open on another machine. One resolution is to close the application on the machine where it was left open. 

Another cause may be that the application did not shut down correctly on one machine and you are trying to open it on a different machine. If you can recall the other machine where the application was originally opened please reopen the application on that machine and then close it correctly.

The application is correctly closed when the "X" button is clicked or the "logout" button is clicked.

The application will not close correctly if the application shuts off unexpectedly or the machine is turned off unexpectedly.

If you are having an issue that is not resolved by the above solutions please contact us at

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