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What are Vitruvius' licensing and registration policies?

How does Vitruvius Licensing work?

Licenses are limited by concurrent use, not total installations. You can have as many user installations as you need, and they are only limited by concurrent use.

Are Vitruvius Licenses limited to one physical location?

No. We understand the need to work from home, on-site, at the office, or while traveling. All Vitruvius licenses can be used anywhere you need to use them.

Does Vitruvius require an internet connection?

Yes and no. Login requires an internet connection. After that, you can use Vitruvius without an internet connection.

What is your SLA policy for license connectivity?

Vitruvius has top-of-the-industry security and will have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Do I have to have a membership or can I purchase a perpetual license?

All Vitruvius platforms require either a monthly or annual membership. The annual memberships reflect 10% savings over monthly memberships.

Can I change my platform after I purchase?

Yes. We know users may need Base Level III some of the time and StruCalc most of the time. Monthly memberships can be upgraded or downgraded monthly. Annual memberships can also be upgraded or downgraded and will be pro-rated. Please contact us at 1-800-279-1353 or email if you need to make a change to your membership.

Can I open project files from other levels in my version?

Yes. Any Vitruvius project file can be opened in any version of the platform. However, if the project file contains features that are limited in the current version you are using, those features and designs will be read-only.

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