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What are Vitruvius' calculation and code specifications?

  1. What type of calculation engine does Vitruvius use?

All levels of Vitruvius run on a proprietary, finite method calculation engine built from the ground up, stringently tested against industry standards by our team of engineers. It supports full LRFD and ASD design as well as many custom features. We believe it to be the fastest and most accurate and sufficient calculation engine in the industry.

  1. Does Vitruvius support metric calculations?

Yes! All level of Vitruvius support both metric and imperial calculations and units.


  1. What Building Codes does Vitruvius support?

Currently the 2018 International Building Code, 2018 International Residential Code, Californian Building Code, Florida Building Code, and the 2018 National Design Specification.


  1. My local building code is not supported. Can I get it added to Vitruvius?

Yes! Please submit a request to We do not charge for this service, however, we cannot guarantee lead times for adding new codes. It is dependent on the complexity of the differences between your local code and the international codes.


  1. Will Vitruvius support other international codes in the future?

Yes! Vitruvius Engineer’s are currently researching and testing the Canadian, Australian, UK, and Euro codes with our engine.


  1. What specialty codes does Vitruvius support?

Vitruvius uses the ASCE 7-16, AISC 360-16 for steel design, AISI 2013 for Cold-Formed Steel, ACI 318-14 for Concrete, and TMS 402/602-16 for Masonry.

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