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Whenever I try to Save...

Does not seem to be able to be done.

See attached. 

  • I haven't experienced that problem yet. Does it happen with a specific module? Has the project been saved first?

  • Opening seems to be an issue:


  • Roof rafter module.

    No I've not saved the project first considering I cannot see where to Save when creating a new project.

    This entire interface bleeds across screens. Will not maximize or Minimize and there maybe be options off screen(s) that I cannot see.

    Honestly so far this is a bust for me.

  • "I cannot see where to Save when creating a new project."

    The first time a project is created you set the save path in the Project>Directory tab (see attached screenshot). After that, I believe the program auto-saves any time a module is saved, or upon program/project exit.

    "Honestly so far this is a bust for me."

    Well, this is a Beta launch, but I did expect a bit more polish. Everything needs a lot of work: modules don't work correctly; save/load times are agonizingly slow; the UI is un-intuitive (how long did it take you to figure out how to load a module?) and has several inconsistencies. Even this forum needs help (like the ability to quote a previous post). But, it's early days, so let's not give up hope.

    (36.3 KB)
  • Therein lies a piece of my issue at this time.

    The bottom of the window in your screenshot is off screen for me.  So SAVE and CANCEL, CREATED BY, etc... are not available and the window cannot be moved.

    The multiple monitors I am using are wreaking havoc I assume.

    Yep on the Beta and happy to be working with it.

    Autodesk has spent years trying to create the perfect forum. I got time. (I hope!)

    And nice to have some activity to a query. That is the beauty of the Autodesk  Forums: People there.

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