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Update patch to V1.0.2 fails to install

Title says it all. Log file is attached.

  • I'm locked out of running Vitruvius. The program attempts to install the update patch upon launch - I have no control over the process - and when the update fails the program instance terminates. 

  • Rob, we have the issue noted and are looking into it now. I have a remote session with you at 11AM Pacific to try and figure out this issue. I will update this post once we have more info. This is not an issue with any other users at this time.

    Thank you for your patience during BETA!


  • Yes 1.0.2 installed fine here though the workspace is hung up in the top of a second monitor and unable to move or shutdown except with Taskmanager

  • We were able to resolve this issue through a remote session by uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Please see the following article on how to uninstall:

    How to Uninstall

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