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Everything is so slow.

Program launch, login and validation: 31.25 seconds.

Open a saved project: almost instant, but only after a load error:



Open a saved Roof Beam module: 9.43 seconds.

Create a new Roof Beam module: 8.56 seconds.

Open a saved Roof Rafter module with a Roof Beam module already open: 17.05 seconds.

Close the Roof Rafter module and wait for responsiveness: 8.78 seconds.

Close program: 26.88 seconds.

I'm not sure how I'll get any work done with times like these.

  • Thank you for the feedback Rob.  We realize that there are bugs in the BETA version of the product.  We hope to address all of these before LIVE launch. We will not be launching until the most important such as this are fixed.

    We spent a considerable amount of time working on the responsiveness of the app last week and will be ready to send out a patch soon.  Stay tuned!

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