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Roof Beam: Pitch and Elevation issues

The Roof Beam>Size>Roof Pitch value is linked to the Roof Beam>Elevation values, and not in a good way. For example, when I first start the Roof Beam module and enter a Roof Pitch of 8, the Elevation>Right value auto-populates with a value of 8:


First, it makes no sense that these values should be linked.  If I try to correct the issue and enter 0 in the Elevation>Right box, the Roof Pitch is changed to 0:


Re-entering 8 in the Roof Pitch returns 8 in the Elevation>Right box. My next notion was to enter 8 as the Elevation>Left value (because I want a level beam, not a pitched beam).  This simply returns the Elevation>Right value to 0 (the beam is still pitched). No matter what I do, I cannot achieve a level beam condition. Things get really wacky when I start messing around with other options, such as changing the Span and Load values, then trying to change the Roof Pitch again:


Roof Pitch values need to be independent of the Elevation values.

  •  Hi Rob,

    We decided to keep the elevation inputs in for cases where the user knows the right left elevation difference but doesn't know the roof pitch.  These two values will always be linked because as soon as you change the elevation difference it's going to change the roof pitch.  In the second picture you posted the beam is in a level position because the elevation difference between the right and left of the beam is 0 and the roof pitch is 0.   

    Hope this helps,


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