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Multi Span roof beam causing error

I have been attempting to calculate a multi-span roof beam.  After opening the module, I add a span to the left and set the length to 9' .  I then attempt to adjust the original span to 5'.   One I enter the length and  select save, the beam image disappears and eventually I receive the attached error.  I have tried entering the 5' length first before adding the left span but I receive the same error.

(27.5 KB)
  •  Yes, I had the same problem.  It seems minor now though, since I get an error upon starting the software after the most recent patch.

  • You can open the software?

    Man you are way ahead of the game.

  • Unfortunately, I haven't been able to open the software for a while.  Every time is boots up just fine, but it keeps telling me my username or password are not correct.

  •  It open one time for me after that it never worked since

  •  The tech support has a great way of resolving issues.  After a week of not bitching to them, they just mark it "Resolved".  It's a lot easier than fixing the problem i guess.

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