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Product has "timed out"

Beware if you decide to purchase struc calc, that they may decided to randomly change the terms. I purchased a full version about 11 months ago. The version suddenly "timed out" I now have to deal with tech support (I think just 1 person works there) to find some hidden a file and get the program working again temporarily until they work out another solution.

I like the product we enough, just keep in mind that they can just turn it off right before a meeting where you are to present a structural evaluation.

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  •  The Vitruvius tech support is non-existent, from what I can tell.  If you send a ticket in to them for an issue, you will get an email back in about two weeks saying that the ticket is closed because you have not replied to their lack of action.  I would not advise anyone to pay them anything until a full version is up and running for a couple of months.

  • I sent an email for the same problem this past Friday morning.  Within a couple of hours I received an email reply and direction for an updated file.  All told I was down for lees than a day.

    Louis Bielicke

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