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Nothing works always waiting on the modules to come online and it never those

I should have waited until the had finish this.

  • same here, also data is not available

  • 4-1-19

    Well there was a comprehensive update that I applied today and actually had working modules.

    A promising start.


    1. When the Min/Max option is selected lost ability to scroll therefore could not get to additional information needed to complete a floor joist. i.e. Span

    2. Ability to place workspace on second monitor is still not available.

    3. Because of 1 I closed the program and when trying to reopen I am told that I do not have a license available at this time.

    Nice April's fool.

    Thought I had something there for a moment. 

  • Just opened opened the program today (4-2-19), and it updated to  Some of the modules are working now, at least the basics.  Just patiently waiting here, I just have been using the beta and hoping some of the promised features will show up soon. 

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