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Print Options Quick Reference


Print Options Quick Reference Guide

Print Options overview

Print Options gives you control over certain information that will be displayed in your engineering documents. 


  •     From Print Project or Print Preview, click the Print Options button to open the settings window. Make any desired changes and click save to rebuild the document.

If you prefer video walk-throughs, feel free to skip over to our YouTube channel; otherwise, continue reading for an in depth walk-through:

    You can use Print Options to set the Company Name, print date, Designed By, Reviewed By, and page count in your print documents. 

Deselecting the 'Show Page Numbers' checkbox will remove page numbering in the document headers.

Print Options can be set in two locations: 

    After a module has been calced, run Print Preview (or Print Project if all modules have been calced) click the Print Options button in the top left corner of Print Preview/Print Project, between the Print and Refresh buttons.

    Print Options can also be set from the Project Explorer menu. Select the Project Settings button and navigate to the Print tab to customize the Print Options settings. 

     These settings can be updated at any time from either the Project Explorer tool bar or Print Preview window, and will be set for an entire project. New projects will default to using the company name and account/user first and last names in the print document for 'COMPANY', 'DESIGNED BY', and 'REVIEWED BY'. The 'DATE' section defaults to the print date/today's date.

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