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How to Locate the Installation Log

When the Vitruvius application is installed there is a log file created.  This log file will indicate if everything has gone correct with the application installation or if anything has gone wrong.  It may be necessary to email this log file to in order to help our support team find a solution for your installation issues.

The vitruviusInstallationLog.txt file can be found on the C:/ drive. Please attach this file to your support request. 

As we develop new features and bug fixes for Vitruvius a periodic automatic update will occur upon opening the application. When the update is run a log file will be created to indicate if the update process completed or if it had errors.

The vitruviusUpdaterLog.txt can be found on the C:/ drive as shown above. Please attach this file to your support request.

If there is a problem running the Vitruvius application on your machine another good resource to look into is the Windows Event Viewer. There may be some errors or warnings pertaining to your machine that could be useful in solving issues.

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