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All Licenses Are Being Used

The message "All of your Vitruvius licenses are currently being used on other machines." is displayed if you or your company does not have any more licenses available for your session to use.  

The number of concurrently open sessions can only be equal to the number of licenses purchased.

The issue may be that the application was left open on another machine. In that case please close the application on the machine where it was left open. 

Another cause may be that the application did not shut down correctly on one machine and you are trying to open it on a different machine. If you can recall the other machine where the application was originally opened please reopen the application on that machine and then close it correctly.

The application is correctly closed when the "X" button is clicked or the "logout" button is clicked.

The application will not close correctly if there is an application crash or the machine is turned off unexpectedly.

If you are having an issue that is not resolved by the above solutions please contact us at

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