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How to Upgrade Your Vitruvius License

There are currently 4 levels of the Vitruvius application. If you would like to upgrade to a higher level please visit the 'My Account' page at

After logging in to the 'My Account' page you can view your current and past subscriptions.  Click on a subscription to view more information about that particular subscription.  Here you will see an 'Upgrade Subscription' button as shown below:

After clicking upgrade subscription you will be taken to the storefront where you can select the new version you are looking to upgrade to. After adding the correct product to your cart please checkout.

You should see the cart contains the new subscription at a pro-rated price. Once you have purchased the new subscription you should be able to login to Vitruvius and select the higher level.

If you need to downgrade your subscription or are having trouble please contact us.

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